Spring cleaning – outlook is good

Things are great – lots of progress and sunny skies – all drug free and relatively cleansed and detoxed!  Here are the accomplishments:

– daily mantras and deep breathing practices are helping with sleep, anxiety and focus

– weekly cardio, strength and yoga routines are helping me get away from the early a.m. work routines as well as away from the desk at lunch

– working hard on the partnership at home and focus on the right things with the kids – Anthony and I agreed that we need to walk away from the commitments which do not contribute to/ benefit our partnership or the kids

– Successful 21 day detox prescribed by Dr Geri has me off of the artificial sweeteners, off of the caffeine dependency and off the carbs and grazing

— New goals in progress –

1. C25K – Couch to 5K app that Ginger recommended is awesome.  I’m through week 1 and think I’ve found a good ~3 mile loop.  I’m initially working towards improving time, strength and breathing but 7 weeks from now I hope to be running that whole loop.

2. Fitbit: 10000 steps/ 5 miles/ 10 floors per day – one of the best birthday presents ever and works with myfitnesspal app!

3. The Hormone Cure by Dr Sara Gottfried – finally found a gynecologist (albeit via her book and not an office visit) who has an integrative medicine approach.  For the next month I’m going to be following her ‘High Cortisol’ regimen in hopes of bringing my chemistry into balance.  Can’t manage to get my real Ob Gyn or homeopathic doctors to see eye to eye – so I’m going to try this on my own.  The way I feel now is much like I felt when we were on the cutting edge of internet dating (wild success for us) and cutting off the satellite/ cable TV (wilder success).  Everyone is doing those things now too so we must be onto something with this integrative medicine approach.

My 40th birthday weekend was wonderful.  Anthony whisked me away to the mountains for some quiet and relaxing time away from the kids.  I was feeling so in love with him and the clean air – that I think I want to preserve that with plans to return there every year and eventually retire up there in the spring, summer and fall – then head to warmer climes in the winter!

I don’t care that I haven’t broken the 200 lb mark yet to get into “one derland”.  However I am down a pant size so I know all of the good work is working!