Almost a new month

by misstca

Disneyland trip is done
Less than 2 weeks until Halloween
1 month until Thanksgiving and the beginning of Christmas madness
7 months until I turn 40

I’m debating about this medical weight loss clinic- are they ‘drug pushers’? or is there more? Should I go back to doing this on my own? Had missed an appointment pre-trip and didn’t have my drugs. So I felt great on our trip. Walked and walked and walked! I had good energy. This shit is all in my mind!

Still for the medium term- the holidays will present added stress and temptation and so I believe that I will manage it through meditation and exercise and choosing quality foods. I need to remember my mantra: Halloween I’m holding out for dark chocolate.

So my plan for this weekend is to get out there and increase my physical activity, enjoy some time with family and then with friends. I could go by the clinic today, but I probably won’t.