New month – next stage of improvement

1 month until our trip to Disneyland
Less than 2 months until Halloween
Less than 3 months until Thanksgiving and the beginning of Christmas madness
8 months until I turn 40

So as much as I need to be mindful and live in the ‘now’- I still need to do some planning. I think the hypnotherapy and meditation was somewhat like going on a ‘stress diet’. Most food diets talk about the quantity and quality of the food that you’re taking in- and most modern diets stress ‘whole foods’ with less processing as higher quality. When I contemplate this relative to my recent stress diet- do I feel that it has been successful and I’m maintaining? The answer is yes. The journey is far from over- however I feel like I’m maintaining and coping at a much more manageable level than before.

When I think about ‘breathing’ and how it helps me ‘medicate’ and cope – there are two ways of looking at oxygen. Breathing too much, too hard, too fast in the right context can be that you’re doing something fun with your beloved significant other or maybe having a high intensity workout. However in a different context it can be hyperventilating, anxiety ridden, panic attacky etc. Two quotes posted on my desk at work are daily reminders to manage my oxygen well:
– If you don’t want to fuel the fire, you have to stop giving it oxygen . . . probably in every fire fighting manual ever written.
– When the oxygen mask drops, help yourself first before helping others . . . probably in every aircraft safety pamphlet, video and presentation ever delivered.

So I spontaneously made an appointment at a medical weight loss clinic- knowing nothing about it other than what you see from the street or can read on their website. There was something in their philosophy that struck me differently than other programs in the past. More on this later – I can detail every weight loss attempt and the reasons why and the successes and the failures – and I believe I know the root causes in every one of those attempts- or at least I have my hypothesis. Regardless the data shows that I’ve had some success, but not enough. I feel like my recent work for stress reduction both the ‘breathing’ and the ‘exercise’ have put me into a better place to try again, with much more realistic expectations this time. I also believe that I know and trust myself better now.

So for my short term goals- I want my clothes to fit a bit better when we’re on our vacation in 1 month. No plans to rapidly drop sizes- just be a little less tight, have good energy for the trip, and feel good about the potential Christmas card picture that we’re likely to take. I’d like to be bold and say that we’ll have a family picture this year and not just one of the two boys.

For my longer term goal- I’d love to say that I’ll be 140 by the time I turn 40 . . . but I’m not going to do that to myself. I want to consistently demonstrate progress towards that goal and will be happy with any progress and success.

For the medium term- the holidays will present added stress and temptation and so I believe that I will manage it through meditation and exercise and choosing quality foods. I will plan to allow myself treats as long as they are ‘worthy’. Halloween candy is generally sugary garbage. With simple rules like that know I can be successful. I’ve applied this approach to donuts for years. I have a deal with myself that should my 1 favorite donut be offered, then I can have it. It’s my secret as to what type it is and it rarely, if ever, shows up at the office or any place else. My husband knows that it’s a plain old fashioned with chocolate glaze. It’s his favorite too. At home it’s low risk as we never buy donuts for home. Halloween I’m holding out for dark chocolate. Thanksgiving and Christmas – occasional homemade treats ok- and pick the favorites that I truly want to hold out for. No store bought cakes or cookies.

So my plan for this week is to increase my exercise routine to 30 minutes 7 days per week. Medium to high intensity- 135 bpm if I can manage to take my bpm. And I’m off- tying up these walking shoes!