It’s Friday status = improved balance!

by misstca

So this week we took on the bull at work, even under threat of “getting the horns” , and we made it through wiser, more secure and on a better path. So did the bull for that matter! I guess the ‘tango dance’ is over and now we can get back to business and focus on our work! Victory! Why all of the speaking in code? My coworkers and I have been contending with a challenging individual. I did a lot of soul searching over the past few weeks as I have learned over the years to never go to HR unless it’s a last resort.  And I’ve learned to not break my chain of command by going over my boss’s head . . .however the situation was getting to be unbearable.  My coworker and I started to refer to it as the “fish slapping dance”.  Given enough time, we felt like someone was going to get belted into the water, and we hoped it wouldn’t be us.

We were heard, what we said was validated by others, and now that person and my coworker and I are all on a better path!  It will take time, so I speak in code to protect all involved including the difficult individual.

SO here’s what I’ve learned and need to continue to remind myself – I am good at what I do and I provide value to the organization, my peers and my employees.  However should I ever lose this job for any reason, or walk away under my own terms, I must remember that above all that I am more than what I do.  I saw a quote walking into my chiropractor’s office today- extremely well timed “No one can make you feel inferior without your consent.” ― Eleanor Roosevelt, This is My Story   How freakin true is that?!

So all of the things that helped me with my balance this week:

+ time with my dad last weekend

+ time with the kids

+ having time individually with each kid and having a few laughs with them

+ seeing my little U6 soccer team shaping up into a good little squad – with some good attackers and good defenders

– only a little a.m. walking and a lot more a.m. work

– started off the week with a little too much worry but all turned out well in the end

+ food was pretty well in balance and I’m down 5 lbs since last week!

This weekend have an extra soccer practice to make up for the cancellations due to ungodly hot weather.

This weekend will get some alone time with my husband and a little sushi for lunch.

This weekend will try to have some laughs with the kids and not yell- or at least with minimal yelling.

This weekend will do homework with Joey and do my “homework” to complete all the parent paperwork due to his elementary school by Monday.

This weekend will do a little work to be sure I’m ready for performance plan discussions with my employees starting on Monday.

Overall my balance feels good – my energy deposits and withdrawals are pretty even – good forecast for the weekend which should really help set up for a good week next week!