Days 19, 20 and 21 of meditation

by misstca

The past month of meditation was time well spent and I’m left wondering- what’s next?  I could repeat the same 21 days again- Lord knows that I could use it!  As an experimental thing while I was out walking one morning I listened to a record number of meditations back-to-back- basically the first 5 minutes of every session and skipping the “enter the silence” part.  It was very interesting and uplifting in it’s own way how each day built on the next- cumulative work and positive thinking that really demonstrated how much territory had been covered over the course of 21 days.
Here’s the thing- I need to keep going- to keep the habit- even if it’s my own personal meditation not led by Deepak, my hypnotherapist or some other expert.

I’m very happy that I did this and I’m hungry for more!