Day 18 meditation – loving yourself

“Find the love you seek, by first finding the love within yourself. Learn to rest in that place within you that is your true home.”
—Sri Sri Ravi Shankar

Centering Thought for Today:

“I love and honor my Self, just the way I am.”

Ah- I’ve been struggling with this one. I’ve spent time journaling and in hypnotherapy. Trying to give attention to my inner child, trying to forgive myself, trying to have empathy for the young Tricia. But I find myself telling my young self to ‘suck it up’, ‘get tough’, don’t count on anyone but yourself.

I must leave any expectations for myself at the door. I need to find my inner peace and stillness. i need to believe that i deserve my own love and attention and shut up the logical critic that likes to tear me down and hold me back.