Day 17 meditation

“In rivers, that which you touch is the last of what has passed and the first of that which comes. So it is with present time.”
—Leonardo da Vinci

Today’s centering thought: “The more I love and embrace change, the more my life unfolds easily and effortlessly.”

Accept life for what it is, not what I expect it or want it to be. Can I stop feeling angry, weak or vulnerable when things don’t go to way that I want them to? As much as I think I’m strong and independent- that is my ego. My ego makes me needy and controlling all at the same time. This is quite heady to contemplate . . .

How can I better accept change without fear, without insecurity? What if they don’t like me? What if I’m not good enough or smart enough? Can I channel my discomfort into something positive and relinquish control? Step out of my ‘ego mind’ and trust that things will work out?

I can really try to practice this in my newest role as mom/ U6 soccer coach. My goal for the kids is “1000 touches” of the ball each practice- basically always moving, always with a ball at their feet. Tomorrow is day 1, 1st practice. My first planned drill is red light- green light. If it turns into ‘traffic jam’ that’s ok- as long as the kids are having fun and learning a bit. Letting go of my need to coach and control will be a challenge! Letting go of my need to please everyone and to do everything myself . . . To manage this latest challenge I need to be able to ask for help when and where I need it. And I need to be grateful for all the gifts this may bring- new relationships, new possibilities, new growth and maturity for me.