Meditation day 3 I forgive I release

by misstca

“Life is too short to carry the burden of a heavy heart. It does not serve you or anyone else. Free yourself through the power of forgiveness and compassion.”
– David Simon

Centering Thought for Today:

“I forgive; I release; I let go of anything and anyone that keeps me from my highest good.”

As I begin to forgive myself and others I become free to love myself and those around me. It’s very liberating. It’s very challenging as it’s impossible to go through life always ‘turning the other cheek’ and always seeing things through the eyes of others. I find when I can truly put my heart into it, I start to tear up and my heart aches for them. Sometimes it aches with pride and other times empathy. I want to see the good in people, I want to take care of them. I want them to feel that there’s someone that cares. But I have to have the capacity to forgive, I have to remember that there are no victims here, that you can always make a choice to change your situation.

I think through the hypnotherapy I’ve done a lot to forgive those in my past. I may not be 100% but I’m certainly not carrying the weight of the anger or resentment or guilt or fear or shame. Tonight I try to focus on forgiving those in my present. My husband, my children, my boss, my co-workers, my employees . . . they are the ones that need me to “show up” for them now.