Proceed with caution: this blog is for me.  If  you’re looking for some insights here, this might not be the place for you.  I’m just Tricia – just a woman, not quite 40 yet, 40 years old, realizing that I can’t “have it all” without sacrificing some important part of my life. I think I’m about as close to “having it all” as I can be- so I’m choosing to focus on continuous improvement instead. I need to stop looking ahead wondering “is that all there is?” and instead be mindful and present in all aspects in my life. I need to find joy in every day things. The purpose of this blog is to help me be more mindful while on this journey – and I’m expecting that this could be something that I’ll continue to wrestle with this as I turn 40 next year now that I’m 40 and over the next 10 years as my kids grow, my career matures and my marriage grows deeper as we face our next stages in life.